During sleep many meet their sexual fantasies, but according to the recent study sizable percentage are those that reach the climax.

For researchers, it is no secret that during puberty boys can ejaculate during the night – a phenomenon known as “wet dreams”, but now they are finding that it can be seen also among women.

According to American experts 37% of women have experienced orgasm during sleep until the age of 45 years. In fact, women had a “nocturnal orgasms” fairly often in the period from adolescence to 50 years of your life, whether bound or unbound.

Curious is the story of 24-year-old Jade, who says her nocturnal organisms occur when going through a period of “sexual drought.” She describes them as a gift from the brain and adds that orgasms during sleep appear several times a week during these periods, as in sometimes happens to masturbate during sleep and sometimes they happen without her help.

For comparison, 83% of the males reported orgasms during sleep with or without dreams. In late teens 70% of boys have “wet dreams”, as the frequency decreases after the age of 30 years.

For the purpose of the study collected data from inrevyuta 11 000 people who answer questions related to their sexuality, sex life and orgasms. It turns out that 70% of women have sexual dreams in their life, compared with 100% of men.

5% of women experience their first orgasm during sleep at night, and 13% among men first ejaculation occurs during sleep.